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  • Sam Smith  |
    Monday, February 20th, 2012

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    The state of Arkansas operates the way businesses do, proactively anticipating opportunities and quickly responding to challenges in innovative ways to support and grow business & industry.
    More about Incentives/Taxation
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    Jefferson County, Arkansas has several major employers that employ more than 1,000 full-time employees. View the Major Employers list to see what Jefferson County has to offer.
    More about Major Employers
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    Population within a 50-mile radius of Pine Bluff is 746,180 (based on 2010 Census Data). The 12-county Metro Little Rock Region, of which Jefferson County is a part, has a population of over …
    More about Workforce Information
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    Whether you are looking for information regarding Utilities & Services, Public Safety, Transportation, or Communications, Jefferson County, Arkansas offers it all!
    More about Infrastructure
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    Lots of exciting things are happening in Pine Bluff and Jefferson County that are increasing revenues. View this topic to learn more about the progress happening in Jefferson County, Arkansas.
    More about Quality of Life
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    The Economic Development Alliance of Jefferson County is dedicated to expanding the industrial and economic base of Pine Bluff and Jefferson County, Arkansas.
    More about Area Statistics